The gift-card usage rules

You can buy gift-cards in our design bureau

  1. A gift card is issued in the form of the plastic card with a postcard attachment.
  2. The face value of the gift card is equal to the amount deposited on it at the time of purchase.
  3. Gift cards are not eligible for discounts on special offers.
  4. Each gift card has their validity period during which you can use it to pay for selected goods and services. This period is 1 year from the moment of gift card’s purchase.
  5. A gift card can be used to pay the order for design engineering, purchase of goods in our salon and online-shop:
  6. You can make the only one purchase with the gift card. In case of exceeding the purchase amount of the face value of the card you need to pay it any possible way (credit card, cash). If the purchase amount is less than the face value of the card the unused amount is burned out.
  7. Refunds for good quality goods purchased with a gift card aren’t available.
  8. The gift card can’t be cashed out
  9. In case of theft or loss of the gift card, the card can’t be stored, its value won’t be paid.

You can buy the gift card by cash or bank transfer TAUPEHOME salon at the address: Matisov channel embankment, 1/1 or it can be delivered to the address, in this case the payment is made according to the invoice.