Design of the city apartment of 85 m² – Modern traditions

Project: Modern traditions
Object: ЖК «Жемчужный фрегат - 3»
Style: contemporary
Area: 85 м²

Photographer – Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov

The implemented project of the 85 m2 city apartment, in the residential complex (RC) Pearl Frigate-3 was created for a young family with children. Preferring the modern style in the interior the notes of the ’60s were easily written, giving way to a spicy flavor. The history of this project began with the redevelopment of the existing premises. The new layout, corresponding to all norms and SNiP, turned a two-room apartment into a full-fledged three-room: with a kitchen-living room, a bedroom of parents and a children’s room, a bathroom and sanitary facilities, as well as sufficient storage space, a separate laundry area and a spacious corridor. In the decoration of the kitchen walls of the living room and hall the mirrors in the frames of MDF are used, arranged in such a way that visually not only increase the space, but also create beautiful prospects of well-set reflections. Geometric wallpaper motifs give the living room a special charm, perfectly considering the colors of the interior and maintaining the geometry of the tiles. Floor covering — engineering board, turning into ceramic porcelain tiles in the kitchen area. For finishing the walls of the bedroom wallpaper with an airy motif, unobtrusive pattern were selected, giving the room a special chic. In a competent combination of textures of textiles and furniture, there is an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. In the decoration of the children’s room, sunny and bright, photo panels were used; cork floor is made in the deck laying. For a striking bathroom, ceramic porcelain tiles were selected that support the natural colors of the interior. Furniture was designed and constructed by TaupeHOME workshop.

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