Project of the country house – Vivaldi

Project: Vivaldi
Object: two-storey country house

Photographer – Sergey Krasyuk

A circle of mutual friends brought this customer to us. Turning to me for help in the design of the house, the customer has set the following task: the house should be a kind of family nest, filled not just with furniture, but with objects that will be inherited. This project was the first one we did for the family. After two more projects already for the urban apartments of the family children followed. The object is a two-storey country house made of aerated concrete with rough finish. The house has a good layout, with large windows, high ceilings, had its own characteristics, for example, through passage through the kitchen area in the utility room, the sloping geometry of the second floor ceiling. The area of the house is 240 m2. From customer requirements, functionally: to provide enough places for storage, a working cabinet and a fireplace room, place for a dog – family member. Stylistically, the opinions of the family members differed, the older generation wanted to see the “Hermitage halls”, and the children, although they allowed the classics, they saw it in a modern way. The development and approval of the project took about 3 months, and another 1 year for its implementation. Most of the furniture and lighting has been approved at the stage of the design project. Having determined the budget for furniture and accessories, we divided the volume into individual furniture production and purchase of products of world brands. So all the furniture, wall panels, beds, dining group in the dining room are made according to our project, at our own furniture production site of TaupeHOME. Soft group in the living room, emerald armchairs by the fireplace, a screen in the bedroom – by Eichholtz, console in the living room and fireplace by Uttermost and THEODORE ALEXANDER. Decor by Global Views, chandelier in the living room – by John Richard, also in the project there are chandeliers and sconces by Visual Comfort. Among the products made by individual design, you can select a dining table made of brass and natural marble, and mirrored wall panels in the dining room. The panels have been designed for the design of the TV area, their central part is moved apart on the guide mechanism, so the TV can be completely hidden. The classic style of the house is executed in a modern key, when the true luxury and comfort are built on the forms, materials and light interiors. Of course, the interior was made for people, but a piece of soul shared by the designer can be caught in a light haze of the color transition.

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